Completely Fresh ingredients

We are very conscious of the environment, that why we only use recyclable, or bio degradable packaging and have banished plastics in our serving and packaging completely.

We believe plastic is such a problem for the environment, that 5 percent of all profits goes to The ocean cleanup. This helps the amazing work to help rid plastics from our oceans world wide. Plastic is so durable that, the first plastic to ever enter the ocean, is still there and will remain for centuries to come.


After years of being in our oceans, the plastic waste breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually ends up being consumed from the bottom of the food chain, then to the top, us!

We also cater for a wide range of events, there really is no limit or distance to what we cater for. Here are just some examples of what we do.

Festivals ◦ Weddings ◦ Parties ◦ Corporate Events ◦ Fairs ◦ Street Food Events ◦ Markets ◦ Sporting Events